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Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray is an environmentally friendly bathroom odor eliminator designed to control organic odor with essential oils and other herbal compounds. Unlike other bathroom air fresheners and aerosols that try to mask odors, Poo~Pourri traps the notorious odors before they begin by creating a barrier on the surface of the water.

Poo~Pourri offers a variety of products for everyone. From the masculine smell of Royal Flush to the floral smell of Déjà Poo, Poo~Pourri sets a new standard to bathroom hygiene. It's Pooping 2.0!


Poo~Pourri's mission is to delightfully shift the way the world thinks about the things they've always done.

Let’s face it. The ability to extinguish nasty poop smells (even if it is just your own) is a power we all wish we had. And, thanks to Poo~Pourri, now we do. We can all become fighters of bathroom odors and make the world a better place – one stinky john at a time.

Try it once and you will realize that NOT using it is a crime.


For Suzy Batiz, co-founder of Poo~Pourri, the mission started small: to help her brother-in-law Sergio Batiz resolve a stinky situation at work and to end the war of odor in her own home filled with 3 stinky boys.

Like many of us, Sergio worked in closed quarters. In an office that had less than perfect ventilation. He soon realized that the two unisex restrooms in the 20-person clinic were having a negative affect on the air quality around him. In addition, the frequent odors were contributing to the embarrassment of others and reducing overall morale.

For two years he worked to develop a formula strong enough to combat the problem. But it wasn’t until he joined forces with Suzy that their proprietary blend of air fresheners and essential oils came to life.

Suzy, who had a knack for blending essential oils, had become quite adept at making facial spritzers and aromatherapy concoctions for friends and family. Still, for months, she spent long hours in the smallest room of her house doing her research and development. In the end, she had developed an odor banishing potion that contained a balance of odor eliminators and essential oils strong enough to control odors that would make even the toughest man blush.

The two started a new company called S2Synergy and set out testing their product on the biggest stinkers they knew. In January 2007, the Poo~Pourri product was launched. By September of that year, Suzy bought out Sergio’s shares and took charge of the line.

Suzy had caught the scent of success. Using her background in management and marketing along with business acumen she had developed over the years working as a business owner, a retail professional, artist and designer, she built a campaign that has spread through the nation like a fresh breeze.

But Suzy has not done it alone. Truly, it takes a village. Not just to raise a family, but to kill their smell.

Suzy gladly shares her throne with friends, family, and employees who have given so much of themselves to help her perfect the product.